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Often, people ask me what ‘Honour Her’ means to me. I love to ask them the same question in return

Honour Her is simply a term, but like many phrases and concepts, there is a literal meaning and space for our own ambiguous, abstract, emotional and subjective interpretation. In life generally, I am interested in the latter. The subjective space (our own interpretations of life’s magic and mess) reflects textural information about who we are and how we choose to see and engage with the world. There is no right or wrong, simply our own lens, which interestingly, can be a malleable, forever changing one.

To ‘Honour Her’ is literally, to Honour (celebrate, revere, worship, pay respect to) Her (she, feminine, woman, female). So, to Honour Her, is a celebration of the feminine. I like to think of it as a celebration of the divine feminine rather than a gendered idea. But this is where my lens starts to become subjective too and my own interest in the divine feminine filters through the simple word, ‘Her’.

In my line of work, it is an Honour to dress women or anyone exploring the universal divine feminine energy we all share. It is a privilege to adorn and celebrate the many forms that are the female body and to illuminate the being within the body. To see a woman / womxn elevate herself into her clothing, oron the flip side, to see a woman / womxn elevate the clothing she wears through her divine ownership of self, truly feels magical to me. Ifeels alchemical, to see the relationship between clothing and the woman / womxn come together to elevate, transmute and radiate with one another

I also feel it is essentiato Honour the pinnacle of ‘Her’– Mother Nature Herself. Tcreate clothing, with no sense of empathy or responsibility to its impacton Mother Nature, is not creation. To me, that is destruction. I feel a great responsibility to Honour Mother Nature when considering any process of creation in our studio. No matter how much we do as a studio, there will always be more that can be done to ‘Honour Her’Sustainability practice is a forever evolving commitment. There is no point where I believe sustainable practice to be ‘conquered’ or ‘completed’. Mother Nature asks for more intricacy and delicacy than this, she asks us to evolve constantlyto meet and Honour, Her.

Lastly, and quite abstractly ‘Her’, to me, is also the embodiment of ‘Craft’ and ‘Creativity’. I see the work in our studio as an Honouring of traditional Craft and Creative process. In energetic terms, according to yogic and traditional Chinese medicine philosophies, ‘Creativity’ is considered a feminine energy that comes from our yin space - our rested, nested, making and creating space. In historical terms, ‘Craft’ was a word that was once commonly labelled as a ‘feminine’ skillset. The term ‘Craft, and all its connotations is a heavy one that I may explore here at a later stage. Put simply for now, in the context of ‘Honour Her’, I feel a great reverence and desire to Honour the traditional crafts in the art of creating clothing. I desire for 'Craft' to be recognised as worthy and meaningfulMaking high quality clothing is a timely, skilled and refined process. The value in these hand worked, articulated skills, deserves to be Honoured.

I love the ambiguity in the simple term ‘Honour Her’. I love how this term that has connected uniquely to me is now what leads our studio’s value systems. I also love that this term is open: my versionof ‘Honour’ and ‘Her’ may be different to anyone else’s. There is always room for this term to expand and guide oustudio into new consideration. To me, to ‘Honour Her’ asks us to stay open, while in celebration. Given all this context towards two simple words, I would love to ask you, in your most abstract and subjective sense, what does ‘Honour Her’ mean to you?

In love and honour,