Caring for your Jacinta James



as indicated on your swing tag

“this garment is designed to beautify with age; to live and wear with you. any irregularities that evolve during its lifespan are to be embraced. personalization is key: treat it delicately if you are delicate, though a hearty touch will only add to its unique charm.”


silk and raw edge detail

all silk prints are conceptualised and hand detailed in house; printed locally in sydney and exclusive to jacinta james. all raw edge detailing is delicate and designed to echo the touch of the wearer. these finishes are signature to jacinta james, designed and engineered with the very intention to fray overtime and reflect the natural evolution of wear. the relaxed nature of the material and unconventional trims result in edges that pull, knot and tangle organically over time. each piece is designed to be manipulated by the wearer; edges may be trimmed back or embraced to create unique texture suited to the individual. details are hand finished locally using couture techniques to ensure a high quality finish. however, due to the relaxed nature of these unconventional trims, hems may gather in at times, simply requiring to be gently pulled back into place. treating your styles delicately will avoid pulls, particularly by taking care when wearing jewellery. these garments will wear as delicately as you treat them and are designed to evolve with you.


leather and roping detail

all leather is imported as a bi product from the finest quality italian and japanese crafters. all styles are constructed locally by a small family business of leather makers embracing heritage techniques that have been passed through generations. due to the nature of leather, all zips and embellishments must be treated with care. for laundering, consult your specialist leather dry cleaner. store leather hanging and do not expose to heat or steam. all roping detail is an adaptation of traditional japanese techniques; designed in house as a signature style to jacinta james. in the rare occasion that knots loosen over time, roping is able to be easily pulled taught again. utilise this roping detail to loosen or tighten your garment to its preferred fit.



our viscose fabric and garments are made locally. similar to silk, this fabric is sensitive to abrasion. treating your styles delicately will avoid pulls, particularly by taking care when wearing jewellery. viscose is best stored folded rather than hanging as it will drop due to its weight. 


jacinta james signature fit

jacinta james embraces a loose fit with garments designed to drape and hang loose off the body; encouraging free and organic movement. armholes tend to drop away from the body to encourage looser fits and slight drape. we embrace movement and ease in our fits to be able to move freely and comfortably.


jacinta james signature layering

our garments focus on versatility and deconstruction. some can be worn in several different ways and as such, maximise the value and lifespan of the garment and add timelessness to styles. each piece can often be built and layered, where tops and skirts together look like a dress, or where two tops or two jackets layered together appear as one. in building your jacinta james wardrobe there is every intention that versatility and outfitting options are created. garments have designed raw edge detailing, blurring boundaries between each item and enabling for garments to be added or taken away to build a layered and rich finish.