conscious philosophy

jacinta james is a tactile meditation on the relationship between our internal and external world and our interconnected universality. both intricacy and simplicity echo through james’ ‘volumes’ that weave timelessness and luxury to emanate the divine being within.

timeless styles involve couture techniques that draw on james’ well honed, international luxury and couture experience. while techniques are contrasted with undone yet high quality finishes that are designed to last and beautify with age.

slow fashion is the cornerstone to jacinta james where single styles are designed with multi-use in mind. one garment can be worn several ways, servicing wardrobes with greater versatility and purpose, limiting the need for more, slowing down the fashion cycle and providing the power of personal styling back into the hands of the individual.

a conscious endeavour both conceptually and in its production practices, jacinta james proudly champions small, bespoke artisans in the creation of its collections. each garment is made locally with the finest fabrics and yarns. all styles are produced under sustainable and ethical practices adhering to a fundamental ideal of creating beautiful products with a heart.