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Care Guide


We believe in beautiful fabrics and flawless make quality. We also understand that our fabrics and techniques to create your future heirlooms, are delicate. We wish to guide you in the selection and care for your Jacinta James styles to enjoy them indefinitely.


Silk and silk blend fabrics are delicatand require to be treated as such. Silk is renowned for its drape, breathability, and luxurious feel. We recommend handling your silk items with care as this fabric can pull, snag and tear with misuse. Contact with rough surfaces tend to graze and damage this fabric. We do not recommend a tight fit with silk fabrics as silk performs best when worn loosely. When silk or silk blend fabrics are worn tightly, tension with wear can create pulls, splits or needle holes at seams and / or permanent crease lines. We recommend an easeful fit. While some styles are designed to wear as elevated everyday items, we suggest to do so consciously. 


Our knitted fabrics and garments are delicate and require a delicate handle. Knit fabrics are popular at Jacinta James as they provide qualities unique to both the fibre and knit. These qualities often are, but not excluded to, drape, fine handle, breathability, cool touch and an iridescent finish. Due to the looped construction of knit fabric, its structure can be delicate. Contact with rough surfaces can damage knit fabrics, where they pull or snag. Occasionally, pulls can even create irreparable holes that ladder. To avoid this, we recommend delicate, conscious wear and avoiding rough surfaces. Jewellery and fine points can also catch and snag this fabric. We recommend wearing your knit lovingly and often, yet with conscious care. 


We finish our styles with hand worked and / or couture finishes. We believe in impeccable quality to best preserve your future heirloom. We truly see this as a sustainable way forward, to make pieces that are designed to hold their quality with the right care. However, given the delicate nature of both the fabrics used and the sensitivity in hand work, our pieces require your consciousness and care. We recommend following your items care instructions and its related advice on this page. 


Our styles are commonly designed for easeful, off the body, loose fits. We believe in allowing the body comfort and space. For the rarer styles designed with a more tailored or slim fit aesthetic, the fabric and construction is appropriate to the designed fit. In selecting your size, we recommend following the fit shown in our e-boutique imagery. We understand all bodies and shapes are unique to the individual and encourage you to celebrate you. We simply suggest the fit of the garment remain true to its intentions so fabric care and construction can maintain its original design purpose, long term quality and integrity.


Our styles are often Dry Clean Only due to their high quality fabrics and hand finished qualities. Dry cleaning is what best maintains this calibre of quality. While we do not believe in frequent or unnecessary dry cleaning, we do believe in dry cleaning to maintain delicate pieces long term. We see this as the most sustainable option (currently available) for high quality care, to ensure the greatest life span for your Jacinta James future heirlooms. We believe long term pieces, maintained well overtime, is a sustainable effort in producing and consuming less. We recommend sustainable dry cleaning if this is accessible to your area. We appreciate that sustainable dry cleaning is an emerging service not yet available worldwide


We offer complimentary repairs to best maintain your Jacinta James styles in becoming future heirlooms. Learn more about this service via our repairs page. 


Our jewellery is double gold plated. Meaning that recycled metal (silver) is the base of the jewellery and a plating of 18 carat gold is layered on the surface twice. We double plate our jewellery to ensure the high quality of lustre. As with all gold plated jewellery, we recommend wearing your jewellery with care. Without a delicate handle, jewellery can dent or even break. If this happens, feel free to contact us to explore your repair options. We do not offer complimentary repair on jewellery but can quote a repair. Perfumes, lotions, creams, hair oils and products, sweat, soaps, water, ocean water etc can wear away gold plating. We recommend removing your jewellery when exposed to these substances. We do not recommend polishing cloths or creams to brighten your jewellery as it can tarnish the plating. We can replate your jewellery to re-brighten it for you. We provide a quote upon enquiry, simply contact us.