Our Philosophy

we pride ourselves on making products with heart; constructing garments with a careful consideration to the environment and every set of hands encountered throughout the journey of production.

each garment is made to order with all prints and materials acquired according to use, minimising unnecessary waste and creating bespoke pieces that are truly crafted for the individual wearer.

all of our garments are constructed locally. we strive to support small businesses and makers to keep production close to home. we work together with local artists, graphic designers, print makers and suppliers fostering strong relationships throughout the entirety of production to ensure the quality and care of each material and garment.

our leather is sourced from italy and japan, produced by a small family business where materials have been treated earnestly, incorporating heritage techniques that have passed down through generations. all leather used is a bi product enabling luxurious styles that are constructed under less impactful, more ethical production.

while some of our fabrications are sourced internationally from japan, germany, italy and france, we endeavour to balance our carbon footprint with each product being assembled locally, many at only a walking distance from our studio. 

jacinta james garments are designed to build and adapt, to develop textures and silhouettes that vary piece to piece and develop an identity of their own. wearers are encouraged to mix and manipulate each item to construct a style that is unique and authentic.

we strive for our products to embellish not disturb; creating beautiful products that add beauty to our lives and help maintain the beauty of the natural world.