philosophy in practice

at jacinta james we strive for products to embellish not disturb; creating beautiful products that add beauty to our lives and help maintain the beauty of the natural world.

our conscious, ethical and sustainable practice is a constant work in progress. we offer transparency on how we apply our values, to not only honour our earnest efforts, but also to hopefully inspire others to share and learn more about a conscious approach too:



in providing timeless garments that can be worn in different ways, we are offering sustainably designed products that slow down the fashion cycle and serve a greater purpose than one style, one use. versatile styles encourage clients to explore their own style, their own shape and their own independent way of expressing themselves and connecting with their clothing by adapting their styles, their way.



with high quality comes longevity which equals a longer garment life cycle. in the true sense of luxury, couture details are worked into every piece. with couture handwork, comes time, delicacy and care to ensure our high quality finish. while these details may not be obvious to the naked eye, they attribute to our garments flawless fall. our pieces are just as intricately finished on the inside as they are on the outside – as we believe beauty truly comes from within and each wearer deserves that intimate experience of beauty.


modern luxury.

redefining luxury as both ethical and eco conscious, luxury is not just in the quality of the garment, but also the quality of its supply chain. our modern luxury is an indulgence and experience in beauty and consciousness. we strive to create styles that inspire frequent wear, break down costs per wear and become investment pieces.  we intend for our styles to become cherished heirlooms passed on through generations and reworn through decades. our intention is to avoid fast fashions landfill and slow down the fashion cycle with styles that can be worn throughout seasons and trends. considered care will ensure longevity in our high quality styles.


locally made.

we choose to make locally. we work with family run, small businesses. we support local industry and minimise our carbon footprint in doing so, with some suppliers and makers at walking distance from our studio. we work intimately with our talented makers, respecting and understanding the time and effort involved in achieving our high quality. we do not work with third party machinists and are privy to direct working environments and conditions to ensure our value systems are aligned. we believe in revitalising local industry by supporting local trade, local skill and local talent.


biodegradable fabrics:

our garments are made mostly from natural and regenerated fibres, while the leather we use is a bi product. we not only use these materials for their premium quality and luxurious handle, but also for their lesser environmental impact. natural and regenerated fibres are biodegradable, where at the very end of their life cycle, the fabric can regenerate into nature.


sustainably printed fabrics.

digital printing is the most water efficient print method possible in textile, which is why we print in this high quality method. we print locally with one of the most renowned sustainable print houses in the world. our printers recycle thier inks, use water recycle systems and operate their machinery with energy efficiency. print inks are water based and non toxic with no harsh dyes or chemicals used in the printing process. all printed fabrics are ethically sourced with a transparent supply chain. this family run, earnest print studio is completely transparent with each stage of their sustainable process.


sustainable knit fabrics.

our knit fabrics are produced locally in melbourne with a small, family run business who specialise in their field. our knit supplier produces the highest quality techniques and supplies fabrics to the luxury industry worldwide. yarns are ethically sourced and dyed using gots (global organic textiles standard) certified dyes wherever possible. our knit factory uses a water recycling plant and energy efficient processes to minimise its impact.


repurposed fabrics.

85% of textiles made each year becomes landfill and there are ways we can easily minimise this by using what already exists. dead stock fabrics (end of the line, ex designer fabric) are repurposed into the sampling and developments stages in the studio. toiles are created in dead stock fabrics to give purpose to otherwise discarded fabrics in our efforts to minimise waste. we are looking at pushing this further in our upcoming collection, with dead stock fabric included in the final collection too. in doing this we are actively reducing waste and celebrating beautiful fabrics that deserve to be repurposed and utilised.


low and zero waste patterns.

we operate on a low waste pattern policy and aim for zero waste patternmaking wherever possible. we evaluate garments in the pattern lay process to see where we can make changes to maximise fabric usage and ensure little, to no waste. once we have recognised where waste may occur, other styles are designed into the range to utilise this ‘waste’ accordingly. our signature bias trims are designed to utilise smaller pieces of offcuts to ensure little, to no waste wherever possible.  



our low waste patterns create a small amount of offcuts, which we upcycle. we pre-empt and design offcut waste into jewellery, accessories and homewares wherever possible. we use toile fabric offcuts or retired toiles for ottoman and cushion fillings when making bespoke homewares and are continuing to explore this. we believe everything has and deserves a purpose.



we exercise conscious recycling practices in our studio and encourage all our makers to do the same. we also recycle organic compost from our studio kitchen into our garden. we reuse and recycle all our packaging, garments bags and delivery bags – working with paper and fabric packaging wherever possible. we reuse any packaging we receive into the studio when we dispatch out. we also work with suppliers who offer low waste packaging for any orders into the studio, where packaging is eliminated, recycled or recyclable.


we are an environmentally conscious studio. we implement recycle systems, use energy efficient fixtures where possible and we purchase sustainable office supplies where we can. all of our cleaning products are biodegradable and non toxic. while our intimate work space is filled with plants to provide natural air filtration. we also have an outdoor garden to support healthy balance and opportunity to work outdoors where possible. we encourage on foot travel to our nearby suppliers to limit our carbon footprint, but also encourage healthy breaks and movement.

packaging and branding.

our care, brand and size labels are all made locally and of biodegradable cotton. the printing on all of our labels is water based and biodegradable too. our swing tags and related stationary is all letter pressed and made locally by a small family business. this stationary is made of uncoated, recyclable paper, all of which is biodegradable. we use acid free tissue paper for any packaging that requires protection and are currently exploring how to further our packaging to involve fabric offcuts. 


we promote an overall attitude of consciousness - a consciousness of the body, the earth and our greater connectivity. we hope to remind our community that we can express ourselves creatively and earnestly through clothing with a conscious responsibility for our planet.

let’s connect:

at jacinta james, sustainable practice is an ever-evolving necessity. if you share similar views and believe there is a way we can collaborate, please feel free to share your conscious product or service with us at